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July 2016

Yesterday I was walking down the street here in this charming Mediterranean city  of Agen, France and ran into Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason. I immediately thanked them on behalf of all of us for being here. I told them that

Tina Hargaden said: Using emergent targets, for me at least, has invited much more creativity into my work. I am looking forward to starting the year next year with no targets, because I foresee much more engagement and trust from the

With emergent targets, the story will be different in every class, so different vocabulary and structures are used. Therefore, a traditional scope and sequence based on lists of vocabulary or grammar points is not needed or even practical. Such guides

It may well be that allowing new structures into a story during the story at the very moment when they are needed to drive the story forward will frequently, through the mere inclusion of those student-generated structures, lift the story up to a level that

A repost from 2013: Intuitive teaching is about trusting the heart/intuition to bring more to the class than just mere intellectual discussion. Mere intellectual discussion does not bring fun, nor does it bring the heart quality, which in turn brings more learning and much bigger