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Targetless Instruction – 29

When we don’t target structures, when we have no lesson plans at all but only a pool of strategies from which to work, we win the CI game. It’s as simple as that. We have

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Some Video Links

Here are some video links that I’m sharing just because I know how bored we all get at the end of the year with nothing to do. Just kidding. (Do keep in mind that this is

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Little Prince to End the Year

In the interest of teaching my students about the nature of relationships, that there are beginnings and ends to (human) relationships, I will project The Little Prince in French on the board and read it from

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Far More Profound

Building a sense of community in our classrooms guarantees good physical health and good mental health for us and our children. Teachers burn out when they are not in strong community, because they sense that

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The Soudain Girl

There are at least two words in French that mean “suddenly”: tout-à-coup soudain I would assume that this might be true in other languages. Here is an idea that Sabrina shares with us to teach those words,

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On Goodbyes

Yesterday when my class got into a chant (call and response) they remembered entire lines from a Matava story we did in the fall. I couldn’t believe it. The community we have built in that

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Kindergarten Day

Hey whatever happened to Kindergarten Day? We forgot about it! Does anyone still do it? We got so busy with the CI that we forgot one of our best CI tools! Oh man, what a thing to

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Language of the Trees – 8

I actually have asked all of my classes to read the Language of the Trees # 1 post. They know that we have our online community here, and they like to hear what we are

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iFLT Announcement

Carol has approved a session led by Claire, Tina and I on authentic assessment at the conference. We’re calling it “Assessment in the CI Classroom”. Anyone in on the recent thread or anyone in the

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