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Authentic Assessment – Ben – 29

With my own boys if there was ever any sense in me that they don’t need school that day, for whatever reason, I supported that. But the school always made me somewhat guilty. I accepted that

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Language of the Trees – 2

That first post about the grove of trees is an attempt to get deeper into the nature of communication, which is the overarching standard in our profession, and yet one that I am sure is not

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Star of the Week

Along with reading (less interesting to the kids but vital), Star of the Week (much more interesting to the kids) may hold the key to the upper level CI class activity conundrum. It may hold

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Targetless Instruction – 22

We need to ASK THEM what they want to talk about before we start talking. This is as per Star of the Week. Why not ask THEM what questions they want to be asked? It’s

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