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Robert’s Blog

It’s about time that Robert had his own blog site and so this is to announce its launch this week. I will be a regular reader, as many of us will be, since we know very well

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Targetless Instruction – 20

Two of the biggest things that make a story interesting to the kids in a TPRS class are the elements of suspense and surprise. But if the one directing the story, asking the questions, making

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Kindness – 5

This post from 2008 is from my book PQA in a Wink! It offers a way to deal with troubled kids that is based in kindness: Mildred is the captain of the girl’s basketball team. 

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The Testing Barrier – 2

Who has oppressed us, who are asleep at the testing barrier? Oh, nobody in particular, except the textbook companies and a legion of freak memorizers-turned-language-teachers who don’t want us to wake up and who now

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The Testing Barrier – 1

One might ask right about now, “Who has time to read the recent barrage of articles and comments on authentic assessement? I’m too busy!” I would ask, “Who can risk not reading them?” Why? Because we

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Diane Neubauer was listening to the Tea with BVP show last week and reported back to us here: …they had done a poll of people following them on Twitter. If I remember correctly, 85% either said

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