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Super Mini Stories For Classroom Use

We will link this article to the Super Mini Stories category and keep adding them in here for ease of reference next year: 1. Eating Kittens (Diane Neubauer): (students need: would like to/wants to eat,

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How About This?

An April 29 ruling from the country’s top authority on labor issues says that employers cannot require employees to be constantly positive at work.  …requiring that employees act positive, regardless of working conditions, isn’t allowed. If

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Just Read This

Just read this from Claire. Then think about it next time you do a story. Then act.  Little girls feeling like they’re just a distraction in school is not okay. Until we do what Robert

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Authentic Assessment – Russ – 27

Russ summed up the thread quite well right here in a comment today: The students create the content; the teacher provides the language. Just don’t think you can assess the kids on the structures. Because

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