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May 2016

This question is for everybody. Is there anything we can do to make the blog better? Things we need to change? What are your end of year observations and reflections? Have you had time yet to formulate any thoughts on the new

This response to Julio Maestas from me in January of 2016 points the way toward this new focus on using the Forum for collaboration.  I am finding that the Forum is a more user-friendly way to interact for a true back-and-forth

The Format of our blog community will change now. Readers will use the Forum more often. The expansion of options here will continue in the long run to include more and more changes. For example, we will set up opportunities for real time

Usually the honor of being asked to mentor a struggling teacher is given to veteran teachers with years of experience under their belts. In his district in Fresno, CA, our own Steven Ordiano has been asked to mentor a young

Linda and I have a great department chair here at the American Embassy School. His name is Zach Al Moreno and he is from Seattle. Zach has been doing TPRS for about five years and he rocks the CI house. Anyone