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Coding To Replace Language Classes?

When a profession fails to keep up, and provides only the same old boring schlock, year after year, things like this happen:

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Real Time Story Writing

What if we write the story during the its creation and project it right then and there? When I do this, I can see the reading and writing gains piling up in the kids’ minds like snow

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Class Sequence – 2

This second of the two suggested class sequences is for teachers who are writing the story in real time as it happens, not for those writing the story after it happens from notes given to them

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Class Sequence – 1

Here’s a nice class sequence for a block class or two regular classes. Note that this first of two suggested class sequences for teachers who are not writing the story in real time as it

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Free Write Poster

Here is the free write poster that jen and Angie and I were talking about. It is a major poster in my classroom and I insist that the kids follow its guidelines. FreeWriteRules

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Socratic Seminars

From John Piazza: I was wondering if anyone on the list has conducted Socratic Seminars in their classes, and what their experience was, and whether they could share strategies, resources, etc. for doing it successfully

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Staying in Bounds Question

I got this great question from Joseph. Though simple, it is a very rich thing to ask about the CI questioning process: Hello Ben, I am in Israel training a young lady in TPRS for Hebrew. 

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