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Middlebury Hypocrisy

Angie Dodd has brought to our attention something that invites – if not demands -some kind of response. If not us, then who? Angie shares: Hi Ben – Should we respond to this somehow?  It’s

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Nice Tripp Script

If you are feeling lazy and just want to work from a script next week (see TPRS in a Year! for how to do that) just go here:!NEW-Story-Script-Fly-in-my-Soup/c1uxc/565fab6d0cf212bd6be3aed6

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The Simple Life

I appreciate that over the past year or two the focus of this community, while remaining fully on how to get better at CI instruction, has also moved into consciously working on furthering our mental health

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Impure CI – 2

Bob Patrick continues: Let me address the edges of “impure CI”. This is not criticism.  This is what we all contend with.  “using more and more spoken Latin”  Surprisingly, this may have little to do

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Impure CI – 1

This exchange was recently posted to Latin Best Practices: Jocelyn wrote: As far as what is “impure CI” – that is a good question – one that I think needs an answer by someone better versed

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From Craig West: Thought the PLC might enjoy this and it’s potential for use in CI classrooms. Craig

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Report from the Field – Keri Biron

From Keri Biron in Connecticut: Hi Ben, I am writing because, if possible,  I would love to be able to observe another TPRS teacher in action!  I was talking about this with my assistant principal

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