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OWATS Bail Out Move

Another good bail out move when you just don’t feel like launching the CI rocket is to have a stack of words ready to place on a central table on the room. This is Bob

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That lengthy and deep thread about blurting from about three or four months ago (new people search “blurting” on this topic if you want to not feel so alone) had a lot of excellent ideas

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Robert Harrell on Homework

The text below is being added to the Primers if you ever need to have the “homework discussion” with any of your students, colleagues, or parents: There is a place for Homework, just not homework

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Chair Switching

Can anyone who has seen Grant’s video describe that class switch-up thing that he does? Some of us are waiting until the break to watch those links from Grant. just due to time constraints, and

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The Forum here (hard link above right) is kind of a side room for newer people who may want some more personal responses to their questions and concerns (vs. the more general discussion here on

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