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Star of the Week Baby Pics

Emeka shares: Another interview idea to use perhaps with level 2 high school students is to have students email to you baby or childhood pictures of themselves. Put them in a Power Point slide show

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Joseph Carroll has just joined us (from Vermont) so welcome Joe! He has some questions about starting to implement CI practices mid way through the year. Here is the text of what he’d like to

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Report from the Field – Ben Slavic

This idea that I am testing right now might only work in 85 minute block classes: In the spirit of  just getting myself safely to the end of class, instead of rocking the room with CI

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Good Luck/Bad Luck

New from Angie: Just for fun I did a new activity today.  I made a half-sheet of paper that was titled “Good luck or bad luck?”  and I wrote 7 sentences: Your favorite team wins

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When Attacked

This is from John Bracey: Hi Ben, I have attached a copy of a test given during the first month of Latin 2 at our high school.  Is there any possible way to prepare kids

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Capture the Criminal!

From Eric: A card trick that creates a story. I simulate how this would happen and play out in a class of students. Provides comprehensible input and student engagement is super high! You can retell/re-ask

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