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Annoying Orange

Having private meetings after class when a kid misbehaves (blurts, can’t focus, etc.) does no good. Those meetings do no good. They just alienate the kid. Telling parents doesn’t do much good either – too

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Report from the Field – John Piazza

John Piazza (CA) and John Bracey (MA) not only share the same first name. They also are at the forefront of change in the Latin world in the U.S. We all know Bracey’s riveting story of

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OWATS Word Limit

Just a caution from Brigitte about the number of words we choose for OWATS. It’s well timed and thank you Brigitte because tomorrow I was going to hand out 20 words to read a chapter

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Teaching Novels

In my experience, the biggest value of novels is not in the reading of the novel itself but in the awesome spinouts possible at any given unplanned moment. Today I was working with the chapter

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