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Teaching "If" Clauses

Here is a nice way to teach some serious grammar on “if” clauses as per: Si clause in present/result clause in future Si clause in imperfect/result clause in conditional Si clause in pluperfect/result clause in

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Classroom Directions in TL

I’m just not into giving classroom instructions in the TL. I know many of us do that. It just seems artificial to me. My focus is on the CI I am preparing to do in

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I'm So Proud To Be An American

Look what these Americans (clip below) have done in the Golden Age of our culture. I watched it again with the sound way up, my heart filled with love for those people who uplifted so

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Change in Point and Pause

When we write something new or that they are weak on on the board in the form of Point and Pause, most of us write the TL word next to the English and connect them

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New Quick Quiz Detail

When I give a y/n quick quiz, now I leave the reading up. The students, in order to check their answer, pore over the text with intense attention to detail. It’s a way to make

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Addition to ROA Step 6

I now call step 6 of ROA “Reading from the Back of the Room”. It is R and D on steroids. I repeat that this is about the best kind of reading CI I have ever

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Without these conjunctions on the wall, the kids can’t write a story, they can only write sentences, so this is an important poster: next after then so then later  now in the morning in the afternoon

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