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Japanese Question

This question is from Ros Stannard in Australia. I gave here Betsy Paskvan’s email address in Alaska, and Martha Nojima’s in Japan, but if anyone else has any insights I’m sure they would be welcome.

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“Whenever the desire for communication precedes the selection of structures, the lesson goes great. Whenever the structures precede the desire for communication, the lesson falls flat.” John Bracey

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Adriana Ramirez

Some may have missed this post about a month ago. Also, Angie asked me to add this video to our video collection on the hard link above. As I rewatched it, I had the sound

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Alternative Plans to Dual Entry Form

We have Bryce’s Dual Entry Form for when we send kids to a colleague. Diane shares a few slightly different forms, but it’s the same idea: Alternative plan – word list Alternative plan Somehow during

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Question for French Teachers

From Steven: Hi Ben, I’ve noticed in a story you wrote that you use “inversion” to ask questions.  My experience, which is narrow, is that not very many people use inversion when speaking.  Is this

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