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I received some cool questions about chanting: Is the chant a part of the script? Where does it originate – with a student or the teacher? What is its purpose – to reinforce a grammatical

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The Gains Will Skyrocket

The interface between ESL and TPRS is found in the word “compelling”. Stories bring the highest levels of compelling instruction. Therefore, all the ESL folks need to do with their students is some stories while dropping

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Solve the Puzzle

What is the point of interface between ESL and TPRS? It is the point where students are allowed to express themselves in human ways about human things. The point of interface is compelling personalization. The

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Stephen Cook and I were having lunch a few months ago in the Staff Canteen of the American Embassy School here in New Delhi. We were just settling into our new jobs and feeling pretty

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Excellent Artist Idea

Claire wrote: “My class artist draws on my Surface and it projects for the whole class (this would work with ipad – but I think my pen works better). She’s super fast at drawing and

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