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October 2015

This is from Eric: Hey Ben - I originally posted this to moreTPRS, to criticize BVP's lackluster commentary on textbooks in episode 3 of his radio show. I think you'll enjoy the analogy: A commercial textbook is like alcohol. What it's good for depends on

Here is something for those who like me may be a little skittish with MT (I'm afraid of going too wide on the kids with it): Reading in French: MT Simon's Cat 1 - The Box What I'm thinking of doing with this is: Part

There are ripple effects happening from Bob Patrick teaching a class on TPRS at the University of Georgia, starting about three years ago and still going strong. This post provides us with some Chinese instruction video from Sandra Lin at

I believe that this is a metaphor for what is happening now in our schools: Therefore, any small spark of humanness that we can bring to our schools, however we do it, through CI or grammar translation or the audio lingual