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Report from the Field – Eric Herman

I did some kick-ass PQA this week with grades 7 and 8! I couldn’t believe the engagement I got! So many laughs. And it felt much more like real communication, more so than steps 2

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Data – 4

Here is what Mark says about it: I like what Eric wrote about lifelong learners. We do need to be able to see which programs are producing life-long learners, and this should be the very

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Data – 3

This is Eric Herman’s view on the data thread. Definitely read it: As far as how many teachers are using TCI. I don’t know. Way too few of us are active here and on moreTPRS.

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Data – 2

Since that last article (renamed Data – 1) was so long to read, I wrote a kind of summary of the points here, with a few more added in. In my own view, these things

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