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Mark Knowles on WL Education

Sometimes I publish comments as articles. I do so because I think that sometimes we miss comments that are important. So this comment-turned-article is from Mark Knowles, Director of the Anderson Language and Technology Center

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Traditionally Trained Kids – 4

This is a repost from 2013 that fits in with the thread started this morning by Wileen and John about teaching traditionally trained kids: Q. In your new book you mentioned the agony in trying

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Traditionally Trained Kids – 3

John concludes sharing his thoughts on how to work with upper level kids we get from traditional classrooms: All my best efforts I’ll save for the first year students, and let the word of mouth

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Traditionally Trained Kids – 2

John continues his response to Wileen’s question about inheriting non-CI trained upper level kids from other classrooms: I really think reading is the bridge between traditional inherited classes and CI. If they are looking at

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Traditionally Trained Kids – 1

Wileen asked this question in a comment earlier this morning: …I am teaching all third-year classes in the fall (well, in two weeks), and they are all coming from more traditional classroom environments. Do you

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