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Jammed Queue

The queue is seriously jammed, maybe the worst ever. There are questions from PLC members and at least one hundred unpublished articles. But as the moderator I have to allow the flow of articles to

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Starting the Year Articles

Don’t forget to read around in these two categories: Starting the Year Beginning the Year Find them on the right side of the page in the categories list. There are lots and lot of articles

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Heidi Edel

Hi Ben here is my bio: French Teacher at Shepaug Valley Middle & High School (all levels – we are tiny) Region 12 Washington CT This year I am also instructional leader. Although this happened

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Deena Swenson

Deena sent us her bio: Hi Ben, As a newbie, I am not sure how to go about adressing the group and haven’t yet seen fit to reply to anything just yet.  I would like

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Megan Green

This is from our new PLC member Megan Green and thank you Megan: I work at General McLane High School in Edinboro, PA. This is my 3rd year back to work after 10 years off

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The Fear Goes Away

We need to stop thinking and working under the crippling aspects of fear. We can work rather in a sense of trust that all will be well. The method demands that. It demands courage. Nobody

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