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Alan Portuesi

Here is Alan’s bio all the way from China: Hi there, I have been teaching ESL or lately telling tall tales, not sure which yet, to grades 1-5 in a primary school in Shanghai China.

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Sharing Videos

Bob Patrick, in a private email thread among the Latinists about sharing video, or not, with the Latin Best Practices (LBP) online group, memorably said: When Latinteach was the main/only venue for Latin teachers, I

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The Errand

A nice simple script from James. Note that James leaves the variables blank whereas other script authors like Jim and Anne put in underlined names. It doesn’t matter. The Errand wants (something) in order to find

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We Teach Anyway

In response to Angie’s question about my comment yesterday that CI can’t work in classes, I had written: The fact is CI can’t work in classrooms as per Robert’s explanation but we are going to

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Another Award for a PLC Member

Good news from David Maust. I have been fortunate enough to have been instructed in Latin by David and I have always like to use the term real deal when I see a real CI teacher in

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