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Standards 1, Current Research 0

This is from Mary Beth: Hey Ben – I am working on a paper right now about Standards for my Masters class.  I was poking around the NC Dept of Public Instruction site (NCDPI) because

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Question About Dictée

Q. I’ve been trying your dictée idea with all four levels of French and see lots of benefits. I’m curious, though, about why you insist on no English during the process. Is it just a

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Charlotte’s Wall Zoo – cWZ

About a year and a half ago Charlotte (Germany) invented something for middle and elementary kids and shared it with us here. It’s called a Wall Zoo. Then today Eric Herman referenced the idea in

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Sabrina sends this: Ben, I found this link reading some posts on the TPRS list. It’s an interactive storywriting software. I can totally see this as another technology tool to add to Textivate and such.

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Cute Answers

For every circled question in a story, there are a number of cute answers, but only one can be chosen. The kids have these kinds of “inner score cards” during class. They know who said

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The Words They Don’t Speak

I used to teach Gifted/Talented classes using Socratic dialogue. I continue to try to apply what I did in those classes to my language classes. From those classes, I learned that the words that I say are

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I suspect that by April many of us are victims of the all too common phenomenon of teacher burnout, at least on some level. It’s not a joke – it’s real – and we don’t

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