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March 2013

Sabrina sends this: Ben, I found this link reading some posts on the TPRS list. It's an interactive storywriting software. I can totally see this as another technology tool to add to Textivate and such. It is called inklewriter. This is how the

For every circled question in a story, there are a number of cute answers, but only one can be chosen. The kids have these kinds of “inner score cards” during class. They know who said what, and sometimes they talk

I suspect that by April many of us are victims of the all too common phenomenon of teacher burnout, at least on some level. It's not a joke - it's real - and we don't talk about it here bc

This from chill: We are in a three day in-service at school on curriculum mapping. The template asks for the following information: 1. Essential questions. I was given the example "What are the days of the week?" 2. Standards 7.1 and 7.2 3. Concepts,