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Annoying Orange Technique

One thing we can do with boring kids – and this is most effective – is to always bring a lame kid into the PQA without his permission. This is a major tool in PQA.

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Today I Noticed

I noticed a lot of things today about teaching using comprehensible input: I noticed again today (Monday is PQA day for me) how getting enough reps is just such a challenge, especially if I go

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Wait Time

I’m calling the fall of 2013 the Time of the Finding of the Missing Pieces. It started out with my realizing how important it is to get single choral responses from the entire class to

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90% Use Position Statement

skip sent this link and would like to discuss it with anyone interested: (the article “Going for 90%” is in the October issue…).

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Mean Kids

I received a major email today from a member of our group. Here it is: Ben, I have had a great year with four out of five classes. Students love the personalized Matava and Tripp story scripts.

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Andrew Edwards

Andrew sent us his bio: Hello, my name is Andrew Edwards. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska but teach in a different city.  This is my second year teaching Spanish and my first year teaching with

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