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Kate Legere

Kate sends us her bio. She is part of that awesome group of leaders up in Maine: Hi Ben et al, My name is Kate Legere and I teach French to grades 3-12 at Islesboro

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Program in Costa Rica

Hey Everyone! I am going to be teaching in Costa Rica this winter in a semester program for students in grades 10-12: There are still some spots available, and scholarships, too! It is a

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Diane Neubauer

Here is a biography from Diane, a Mandarin Chinese teacher in Chicagoland: Hi Ben, I grew up in Ohio and majored in East Asian Studies in college (Wittenberg University, 1995) and had a few jobs

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Parent Conference Tip

Dori shared with Karen something we should all be aware of as a technique to use at parent conferences: I thought I’d share something that worked for me last year–maybe it will work for you,

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The Best Novels

We’ll see if this idea works – I am going to create a new category here for novels that are currently available. Kind of a book review section. We’ll arrange it by beginning (1 and

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Small Addition to jGR With Examples

I just added a few sentences to what a 2 is. Feel free to use or reject. It’s in blue below: I’m really fired up about how jGR has changed my entire classroom energy this year.

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Options to Stories

It is more than reasonable to offer newer teachers, who naturally need practice with the basic TPRS/CI skills of Circling and SLOW, etc., some options to stories that work with kids and give them that

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Charlotte Rempel Kroeker

Here is a bio from Charlotte: Hi Group, I am Charlotte Rempel Kroeker and I am now entering my 29th year of teaching German as a second language in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I helped pioneer

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