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Voces 3

The text below is from the Teacher’s Discovery website. Never in my career would I have dreamed that such a wonderful opportunity would have come my way. The text in bold is the great part.

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Voces 2

Chris continues: Ben, Remember that video I set to you about the newest, most awesome thing in the world of Spanish education?  Remember?  Remember that awesome digital textbook Voces?  If not, I will resend you

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Voces 1

Got this from Chris: Ben, If you want to see something truly pathetic, that epitomizes the mentality of so many FL teachers here in the 21st century, look no further.  I present to you “Voces”,

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Update 2

Something thing that really bugs me is how some of us are trying to do too much. We’re loading up our plates at the salad bar and trying everything. Why should we do that? It just

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Update 1

Many articles you have sent me by private email have been shoved back into the queue by time. My intent is to always get them in the queue for eventual publication. But now, for the

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