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Conversation with Annemarie

I would like to share a few interesting points made in recent discussion with Annemarie. Of special note and usefulness to us is the Abbey Parks comment: Annemarie: I had a  question regarding gestures. Does anyone out

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Little Lead Pipes

When Annick Chen and I presented to our school’s math department on comprehensible input/gesturing the other day, I was circling  “Annick wants candy”. After a few minutes, a sour member of the math department said in

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Got this from elissa: Hi Ben! I feel like there was blog discussion at some point about parent/curriculum night tprs demo ideas, but can’t find it… can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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Fake Class Writing Option

Hayne came up with an option involving writing and reading practice that represents a nice option to our basic fake classes routine. It allows the kids to do nonjudgemental peer review of each other’s writing.

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