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Rules and Expectations: Part 1

Laurie has just posted a very important series of articles on her website (find the link in the lower right hand corner of this page). I will repeat each article here over the next few days, pushing

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Being The 96%

I got this email from John. I read it on a gut level. What he did was what students of language who feel the same way should also do. No exceptions. This is very strong! Ben, I

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ACTFL Webinar

Got this from Skip: Hey Ben, Do you know or could you ask if anyone on the blog is planning to watch the ACTFL webinar on how to meet the 90% goal? I would love

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FVR Library Question

John sent this and basically cleverly answered his own question: Ben, I have a question for you and the blog members regarding the challenges facing teachers of obscure languages in establishing FVR libraries. For first

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Went/Ate/Was Furious

Chill sent me these three structures from Susie: went ate was furious In chill’s class a kid went to France where he ate something disgusting – some heart of pig – and was furious about

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