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An Odd Experience

I had an odd experience today. A teacher showed up from another school and wanted to see a story. So I chucked the reading class that I had planned and grabbed Vol. 1 of Anne’s

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Rude Language from Boys 2

Here is a follow up from that teacher, our group member, who went through the rude boys thing last week: “I did the thing I dreaded today – the conference with the kid and his

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I was visiting the ACTFL site and came across this interesting page at Thought I’d share it here:  Since their introduction in November, 1998, the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners have helped language

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Dr. Beniko Mason DPS Study 2

I just cut and pasted a comment from the thread on the DPS study: When I shut down this blog a year ago, which lasted until May, it was to take some time to think

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