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December 2011

(posted by Bryce Hedstrom at his site Bryce shares: I recently did presentations on TPRS at two regional universities.  This is a journal response from AshLee Pray, a Spanish student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The reflections of a

It would probably be a good thing to check the phrases that go with the story before class. Think about which one(s) could lend themselves to PQA. Like today, the simple phrase "after school" turned out in one of my

This is a comment turned blog entry from a week ago about the history, as I see it, of comprehension based instruction over the past fifty years: We must respect the vision set out in 1983 when the push towards fluency instruction

From Wikipedia: "An idée reçue is a received, or accepted, idea. This term was used by Gustave Flaubert in his work Le Dictionnaire des Idées Reçues to refer to a catch phrases and platitudes, most of which are as paradoxical as