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Ohio May Have a Problem

I got this from Chris today: Ben, Ohio is currently in the process of revising and rolling out new, revised Foreign Language Standards.  Currently, I’d say they align fairly well with ACTFL’s 5 Cs.  I

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Block Class Suggestions

Pls. find three options for 90 block classes below. I pulled these from blog posts here so that they can more easily be found in one place. I included comments so all of this is

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It would probably be a good thing to check the phrases that go with the story before class. Think about which one(s) could lend themselves to PQA. Like today, the simple phrase “after school” turned

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Some History

This is a comment turned blog entry from a week ago about the history, as I see it, of comprehension based instruction over the past fifty years: We must respect the vision set out in 1983

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