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July 2011

Referring to the series of comments on the post "Go Willingly", Skip asked me this: Hi Ben, Can I ask you what you meant on the blog when referred to your big learning as "allowing myself to be free when presenting

We are all just panning for gold. We are searching for nuggets lying amidst the skills of TPRS and the daily practice of teaching. We seek flashes of gold, something, the right idea, the right technique, the right way to

I learned something about chants when presenting on Thursday: Chants are there, but they are hiding in the circling and in the general discussion. So, every once in a while, take any sentence that you are circling and kind of slow down and taste it,

At NTPRS this year there was a new rotating format that really worked. Presenters stayed in the same room and groups of teachers rotated in and out. Nothing was carved in stone, however, so there was a lot of choice. Bryce and

While I'm in St. Louis for NTPRS, I will ask my readers to take advantage of this brief hiatus to read some of the back blog entries back to 2007. Just click on the calender or on a category that

I got this from Anne Matava. The hog referred to is one of a group of Maine kids who were lucky enough to have spent all four years of their high school careers acquiring - and I mean acquiring - German from Anne,

Michael Andrews' song Mad World poignantly describes something that kids experience in school every day: I mention it here because we are in a unique position to change what Michael sings about.