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It's O.K. To Suck At This Work

We all suck at this. I just wanted to say that. Now, that said, can we just accept that we may be clumsy with this radically different method than the one that preceded it? Can we

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Jobs for Kids

I was asked in St. Louis for a list of jobs my kids do in class. I can never remember them all, but here is a partial list with about 18 jobs listed – many of the ones

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John Piazza

I got this from John: Ben, I was hoping we could develop and/or refine previous discussions about arming ourselves with a description of the underlying theory about comprehensible and even compelling input for our colleagues, administrators

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Seating Charts

August is just hours away so don’t forget that we have the Beginning the Year and Starting the Year categories with stuff about that. One thing to add is, in my view, it is not a

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Circling is Useless

Circling is useless without SLOW, but SLOW can be quite effective without Circling. Point and Pause can be used to do the job that Circling does if the SLOW is slow enough.* Even if we

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