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The Dunning–Kruger Effect

Bryce wrote this as a comment a while back but it should be a formal blog post so that we can categorize it and find it if we need to: Teaching with CI is a skill and

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Krashen – Easy Way 4 (Output Hypotheses)

More from Dr. Krashen’s The Easy Way: “A second rival hypothesis is the output hypothesis, which claims that we acquire language by producing it. There are several versions of the output hypothesis, but they all

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Angela Williams

Angela’s bio for the group: Hi Ben! I’m so thrilled to be a member of this community. I’m new to the TPRS world; I found out about it over Christmas break, and have been researching

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Teachers Should Work With Teachers 1

In New England, about fifteen years ago, there was an initiative to get heart surgeons throughout that area to communicate via email, shared video, videoconferencing, workshops, etc. At the end of the study, heart surgery

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