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May 2011

Mark is another Iowan, like Jim: Hi Ben, I currently teach adult ESL classes at a community college in Iowa.  I am currently experimenting with a number of comprehension  based techniques though I have used TPRS exclusively while teaching English in the past in Guatemala.  I

Here are some things that we have to deal with in our classrooms: - being observed by unqualified people - differentiating instruction when doing so is not a practical option in a CI classroom,  especially at the lower levels - kids cheating - heads down -

We did some filming of an Anne Matava story called "Lazy" (Story Scripts Vol. 2). The structures were travaille/works le patron crie/the boss yells paresseux/lazy but since we had an entire extra second day block to film (we decided to try to get as much footage of the story

We welcome Lori to this group. Indiana has been for some time an active state with comprehensible input: I currently teach at Crestview Middle School in Huntington County, Indiana (the entire school corporation is TPRS-based). I'm not sure yet if I will still

This is just some random self indulgent middle of the night reflecting on things, probably not very interesting except to me: The subscription blog has been up for almost three weeks now and I like it. I like the feeling of privacy,