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March 2011

I'm off to SF for a few days so will be gone sans computer access. However, starting tomorrow there will be a new series of posts coming up here describing the new way that I schedule my week. I highly

The teacher who pays full attention to the absolute importance of sufficiently repeating the structures [rebar] and limiting the amount of new words [concrete rocks] to create tight, personalized CI with strong rebar but not too many rods will definitely experience

Kailey Dellinger at GW moved a very very difficult last period class on a Friday into a space of fun and happy participation. She did this by paying attention to all the kids, playing to their strengths, praising them, including

The fewer the new words, the greater will our students be able to focus on the meaning of the story (the overall concrete) rather than being forced to worry about a bunch of new sounds, the individual words/rocks that make