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November 2010

Unlike more pure subjects like physics and mathematics, foreign language education, with its myriad intangibles, is not easy to measure. Yet we, Tarot fools, stride confidently along the edge of the cliff, confident that the data we use to measure

I got this from a colleague who had asked me about using CI with the textbook: Ben, Thanks so much for the advice! The problem with not using the textbook (Realidades) is that our district has common assessments, so everyone has to

Marc commented on the post today: Marc Sheffner 11.05.10 at 7:14 PM "Thanks for posting this, Ben. It helps me address a dilemma/problem I’m facing with regard to PQA. (I don’t understand what is or how to use it; I

An email from Elissa that should get some varied responses: Hi Ben! I have a bunch of questions, and promise I'll call you sometime on your commute but in the meantime I'm wondering what your thoughts on doodling are. I'm trying to

 Today I got an email from Ray Bauer who is doing important work in elementary TPRS. His email reflects perfectly my thoughts of recent weeks, that kids ultimately need to feel in control of generating their own stuff for the