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As the battle between trusting the process of free form CI and needing to follow a CI curriculum goes on, I got this from a colleague today…. Hi Ben, … buddy you are reading my

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Michele On Student Generated Stories

Skip added a riff to the Student Generated (Skeleton) Story idea set forth by Michele. She provided structures to the kids and had them quickly write stories, choosing one and going with it, but, unless

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¡Me Duele!

 Bryce sent this today: ¡ME DUELE!   This is a story I told to a mixed class I teach on Tuesday evenings.  The class consists of Spanish learners ranging in age from 15 to 70

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Skip To Michele

Hi Michele – I have been wanting to thank you for taking the time to write out step by step instructions  on Ben’s blog (3/6/2010-way down under the comments) on how to have  students create

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