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March 2010

One colleague recently asked why we only have one word responses in circling. She couldn't figure out why, when the kids obviously knew the answer, they didn't output it right then in a complete sentence. Here is one answer - it

This is an invitation for teachers in the Denver/Boulder area to attend TPRS/PQA trainings on Saturdays. Groups are limited to ten people. Students will stand up and teach while being coached. Payment for the classes will be based on what people

There is an excellent video of TPRS available online at It was taken by Sylvia Duckworth (AIM) of Norm Veilleux teaching a level one French class in Toronto. Here is the link: - password is TPRS I recommend a close look. Here

Have you noticed that the kids love to suggest "multicolored" or "tie die" or "stripes" or "polka dots" in response to the question "What color was it?" I love that. They keep wanting things colorful - they don't want their