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January 2010

A good bail out if a story isn't working is a dictation (this site/resources/workshop handouts). But Read and Discuss kicks major butt for bailing out also, because you always have the translation text to return to in any event. I got an

If you read that earlier blog entry entitled Lynn 1, you knew that the story would have a happy ending. That is because, in the tone of Lynn's writing, between the lines, is the wonderful feeling that she is taking

Lynn wrote me a few weeks ago: On Thursday one of my grade 9 boys came to me and said he wanted to transfer out. My heart stopped. I felt awful.  I've been asking him questions, he seems to be able to

Grant Boulanger sent this: Ben, My 5 year old was organizing her space in my office and found my teacher's guide from Prentice Hall's video program, "¿Eres tú, María?". It was accidentally, but appropriately, found covered in dust behind a book shelf.