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Ben has helped thousands of teachers learn the TPRS method of teaching.  Here are just a few of the success stories and positive comments that we have on file.  Read below to see how Ben is helping so many TPRS teachers around the world!

TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Drew H.

"I really think that this spirit of letting each other in our classrooms is fantastic.

So far, your Professional Learning Community is the only place that I know of that offers this kind of professional development."

Drew H.
  TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Carol H.

"Without your PLC Membership, I never would have had the courage to go into class on some days. Sometimes ideas I read about during lunch were implemented in the next period. What a wonderful space Ben has created for real professional growth. I am totally grateful for and blessed by everyone's contributions."

Carol H.
  TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - David S.

"I love being a part of Ben's Professional Learning Community, not just for ideas with classes, or good CI examples, but because it actually encourages me to get better.

It provokes me and makes me jealous to do better CI."

David S.
TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Melanie B.

“I am learning so much that I feel like participating in the Professional Learning Community is like taking a college course in TPRS.

The discussions are immediately relevant to my teaching. It is shaping how I understand the application of TPRS at various levels of language learning and changing how I teach for the better. And it is fun to read. Thanks, Ben"

Melanie B.
  "Our only concern ever about trademark is people using it for profit yet misrepresenting what TPRS is and does. It then gives people an idea that TPRS is something that it isn't because it is being misrepresented. That was our motivation in getting it trademarked.

What you have done is the opposite. You have helped so many people do this better. I can't thank you enough for your contribution. I have had so much great feedback about how you have helped. Again, you are free to use TPRS in any way that helps TPRS and teachers."

Blaine Ray
  "My learning curve and the resulting ripple effect is happening because of you and your work. I am so isolated here, but because of those two books that I have just barely gotten into and your blog I can make this happen.

I can learn something everyday to take into the classroom and get incredible results. It is just so damn hard to control my enthusiasm."

Martha N.
"Have you had any TPRS training before? Ben Slavic's books - TPRS in a Year! and PQA in a Wink! are FABULOUS guides for TPRS in the classroom."

Carmen A.
  "I never thought about how language teaching could be an art form before reading your book."

Kriss L.
  "Ben, you made her [an observing teacher] look through the telescope and she will never be the same. You are a star! Thank you."

Dale C.
"I heard Ben Slavic’s Bucky Goes to Paris! today and now I GET it. This is totally comprehensible and I can do it on my own. It’s perfect. I’m really impressed.

Anyone else yearning to learn French? Ask Ben about it. I’m still on the first CD and I‘m already convinced."

Karen R.
  "I just wanted to let you know that I recently ordered your books and received them yesterday. I am currently reading TPRS in a Year and it is incredible.

I am going to be mentoring a new teacher next year who has never taught a lesson in her life, let alone TPRS, and I really think I am going to use your book to focus us both on "the skills". So, point of this message, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences."

Ted V.
  "Your ideas have been so successful that all the students are competing for cute answers in my classes like never before, surprising me every day at how easy it is.

It's very exciting.... what is it exactly? Maybe the trust that was established during the first month of talking about them. Whatever it is, a certain ingredient is in there now that wasn't before. I attribute it to the personalization you coached me on. "

Donatienne D.
"Everyone knows the Green Bible (Fluency Through TPR-Storytelling) is the main book to have if you are a TPRSer. I'd like to add 2 more books to your list - TPRS in a Year! and PQA in a Wink!

In TPRS in a Year! Ben breaks down the components of steps 1 and 2 into 49 different skills. He suggests mastering a skill before moving on to the next one. There are lots of examples to show you how it works.

If you need help with PQA, then his PQA in a Wink! is for you. It goes into lots of details about how to do PQA and keep it going. Ben is also great at building relationships with kids. He does a lot of the relationship building through the PQA.

If you are struggling with your stories or just need a refresher course, I highly recommend both of these books. I can't sing their praises enough."

Julie B.
  "I bought both books at the conference and haven't been able to put them down. Every chance I get to read, I've been reading. I've been doing TPRS for 6 or so years now, but there's always something new to learn or a tweak or different way to do something. Also, TPRS in a Year! helped me to focus with my student teacher and improve my skills along the way.

"I've always been mediocre at PQA. Now, I can't wait to start school with your "getting to know the kids" activity. I think it's great! I used to begin my year with boring TPR, but now I plan to use [these PQA activities] to start things off.

"Thanks for writing two excellent books! I can't stop recommending them. I told Carmen that I think a better investment for new TPRS teachers is not Blaine's Green Bible, but Ben's Yellow and Pink Bibles.

Scott B.
  "I had the privilege of a sneak peek at Ben Slavic's new, soon-to-be published book, PQA in a Wink! I think it is what we new, inexperienced and struggling teachers have been waiting for. Many of you have seen Ben's posts over the past few months about personalizing and building rapport with the students. This book is the full version, spelled out clearly (for those of us who are on overload!).

What I took away from it is that while the theory and method of TPRS are important, making connections with the students is the key, and Ben shows you how to do it. Many people have tried to explain it on the list, and have done so beautifully; however, this in-depth explanation finally reached me. It provides a framework to help make PQA work. Ben, I'm sure you will let us know when it is available. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring guide."

Fern W.
"I got your book today and wow, I'm going to have a great time going through it! This is a VERY important resource for those of us doing TPRS!

Are you going to have it at NTPRS next year? I think you should because it's kind of like spiral bound coaching."

Deb R.
  "I third the praises for Ben's books. Of course I have had a problem PQAing and I decided to make that my goal for improvement and both books have been a tremendous help! Thanks Ben."

Tina B.
  "I have been pouring over your book TPRS in a Year! I am so glad that you let us climb into your mind and see where it actually wanders during class. It encourages me. Plus, I think I'll be best at, or at least most at ease with, PQA and asking questions of the students now, as well…"

Nancy N.
"I bought your books on TPRS and PQA at the conference in Denver, and I am writing to tell you that you have done some great work here. I love these books.

They are simple to follow and to read, and the examples given are very easy to understand. And, especially, thanks for having thought of making some room in the book for reflection about each skill. I feel a lot calmer and ready to start the year in a new school.

Congratulations on the success of your books in the TPRS community!”

Lindsey S.
  "Hi Ben, I’m just starting to read your blog. I got discouraged a little with the storytelling and was pulling back on it a little, when I read your two books about PQA and TPRS in a year. It motivated me to get back into it again.

I had been doing main stories, but had given up due to my resistance to circling. I thought it was soooo boring. But I tried yesterday and did everything you said and had a lot of success!

You broke it down very nicely in your book and made it seem manageable. Well, I’ll go back and read your other entries and see what you have to say. You’re doing a really good job, Ben."

Karina B.
  “I read both your books and all I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for writing them! They have helped me open up my mind and understanding.

I have tried using TPRS for two years and I have also attended three TPRS workshops, which were wonderful, but they went by so fast that I wasn’t able to keep up. With your books I was able to take my time and reflect on what you were saying and tie in with what I was doing correctly and where I needed to improve."

Lais E.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I'm really enjoying the Bucky program. I’ve been listening to the CDs over and over and haven’t gotten tired of them.

I'm just starting the fifth CD, and I listen to the program every day on my commute.

My pronunciation and retention have improved immensely, and the grammar section is excellent, so much clearer than in books!

Thank you so much for developing this program!"

Anet P.
  "M. Slavic – It’s Patrick. Congratulations! You have managed to teach someone to speak and understand practical, functioning, everyday French in about 14 hours. Amazing.

I managed to get a hotel room in the Latin Quarter where the elderly concierge didn’t speak a word of English. The ultimate compliment I got in Paris was that the waiters spoke to me only in French, even though they knew English perfectly well. I watched other Americans struggling just to order a coffee."

Patrick D.
  "We have plenty of data. What we don't need is the pseudo-data that comes from timed, multiple-choice tests that tend to get kids to memorize facts they're going to forget anyway and to drive some of the best curriculum out of the schools. I can't emphasize this too strongly.

It's not just that the tests are unhelpful, it's that across the country, kids are now losing recess, they're losing the chance to read good books, we're losing discussion of current events, music and the arts, high-quality electives, as the schools become absolutely set to try to jump through the hoops because they have bribes and threats leveled against them to raise scores, not to raise the quality of learning."

Alfie K.
"Being new to this, sometimes I feel drowned by so many new ideas. But sharing your thoughts about teacher expectations and students' feelings has provided great input that has lead me to do my own introspection as a teacher."

Claudia D.
  "Ben - this teaching method is revolutionary and made so accessible in the steps you've outlined in your book! Whatever the effort required, TPRS in a Year! is too important a work not to be shared on a global scale.

Thank you for allowing me to visit and observe the incredible at work in your classroom."

Ann W.
  "Book received, it's a great read! I would recommend this book for all TPRS teachers, not just the newbies.

I've been doing TPRS for three years and found lots of stuff I didn't know about (even after attending seven workshops). Hope you will advise me of any future publications."

Jim B.
"I had the GREAT privilege of watching Ben teach a few weeks ago--he is as amazing as his posts! He really worked with me and coached me as I try to refine my TPRS technique. If you live in the Denver area, observing Ben is so helpful!

However, if you don't live in Denver and can't get to him, his books are equally amazing. I saw so many of his TPRS in a Year! techniques in his classroom. I find that if I read a little of TPRS in a Year! the night before, I am much more likely to do a real TPRS story with the appropriate rules (2 English words max...) and my classes (even 7th grade beginners) are truly immersion "light" (phrase stolen from Jason Fritze?).

Anyway, if you need a shot in the arm to get through the last few weeks of school, buy Ben's book or visit his website (he has some great ideas coming up!) It has truly made me a better TPRS teacher."

Dori V.
  "I have thoroughly devoured your much needed roadmap (both books) for TPRS. More importantly I have put your suggestions to work! Of course I wanted to test the waters as I go with my students. All of my fears melted away after the first run through. I have a group of 5 girls 7-12 age and a private 7 year old. I wrote my own local version story of society around here along with illustrations. I got data from the students and put that personal data right into the stories. They lit up! It was wonderful being in the zone. Time passed with a lot of acquisition and personalization. The personal data along with your teaching techniques have cemented our relationships in the classes. Your books got me there right out of the gate! Amazing!

I started a new business group of mixed levels with two classes averaging 7 people per class age 23-45 employees. I went slowly! I followed your skills as outlined! It was a great success. I taught the president of the company with the TPRS and he wanted me to do the same for all of his employees!"

Vernon L.
  "Last year at Blaine's conference I had my copy of TPRS in a Year! with me and people were fighting to get a glimpse of it. I literally had people on a 60-minute rotation, they could have it for an hour and then they had to pass it on to the next person on the list."

Both PQA in a Wink! and TPRS in a Year! have been indispensible to me as a first-year TPRS teacher. Ben goes through the steps of TPRS carefully with a lot of examples, love, and humor. TPRS in a Year! is a real how-to manual, complete with a very detailed description of how he does a story. He identifies each skill, explains it, and tells why it's important.

AND, the big news is, Ben has a new book out! It's called PQA in a Wink! and it demystifies and expands on the PQA process. It's loaded with more of that great Ben Slavic humor and insight. I recommend both books to any TPRS teacher, new or experienced. Ben writes with enthusiasm and joy."

Anne M.

"Bucky is better than Pimsleur and Rosetta. Period."

Merritt B.
"I'd like to second Anne's recommendation and encourage everyone to give both of Ben's books your consideration. My copies just arrived yesterday and I'm enjoying the little epiphanies and eurekas coming as I give them a first reading.

As someone learning and playing with TPRS for the first time this year, I find it so helpful to see examples and explanations of each of the techniques that go into a successful TPRS lesson!"

Rick W.
  "Your books have been a huge support in helping me get onto the TPRS train/plane/rocket ship.

I read them before I read anything other TPRS/TPR/CI books, so they are the foundation of my learning..."

Andrew Scott
  "As a curious teacher, one day, I was directed to Ben Slavic's books (TPRS in a Year, PQA in a Wink, and Stepping Stones, which I had the privilege of being the first to read).

After reading just a few pages from each book, and seeing all the videos in the PLC, I realized that I had found the miracles I had been looking for for a long time. Now, there are so many miracles happening in my class that every day my students and I have an adventure together like a team because I am providing comprehensible input by focusing on the students, not on a story.

I can't find the right words to thank you for the four wonders you have given me. You really are the teacher of teachers. Thank you so much for the support!

Muhiddin from Uzbekistan, Central Asia